Poison Overdose


Motley Crucial 



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Dan Tietjen

(tap)  816-456-4796

More Info:

What is this ?  

The “Super- Duet” is a condensed version of each of these beloved power-hitting tribute bands…featuring the lead singer and guitar/bass player.  BEWARE….it is much more than what you may think!  


What makes it so “super” ? 

Not to be confused with, the two-guys-in-the-corner, sitting on bar stools, sleepy acoustic,  background Muzak act….the “Super-Duet” implements the latest video wall and audio sequencing technologies, in order to bring the full sights and sound of two separate 4-piece bands.


What to Expect ?

Using two video matrices located at the back of the stage, your audience will marvel as the two (real) musicians interact with the two (virtual) musicians, playing all their favorite hits and hamming it up all the way.  It's a kind of magical/musical wonder, that leaves audiences stunned and amazed. Not only will they see the (virtual) musicians playing along to each song, but also interacting with the (real) musicians and (live) audience members as well. You'll also see many other random video splashes come and go, as each song is played, elevating the audiences' attention and excitement.


What is included ?

This entertainment package includes, full production (sound/lights), and each band providing a 90 minute set,  separated by a 30 minute change-over. (3 ½ hr. total ) What's more is, all the intermission music (before, during and after the show),  is provided. This helps maintain the show's attendance…thus leading to the venue's improved concession sales, all without the need of a DJ. Free promotion of each show, across 5 web pages, reaching over 7000+ people, is also standard procedure.


Price ?

Depending on the date and location, the “Super-Duet” is priced typically ½ that of (2) two  full 4-piece tribute bands.  It's conception, and eventual creation, was specifically designed at giving smaller venues with limited budgets, the opportunity to offer big  entertainment to their patrons. 


What is Needed ? 

As far as infrastructure goes…all that is needed is a minimum stage size of 12' wide X 10' deep, (2) 20 amp duplex outlets (near the stage) and a “green room" for costume changes.