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Feb. 7, ‘23- Knucklehead’s Saloon, (w/ Motley Crucial), Kansas City, MO

June 2,'23 - Chrome Horse Saloon, Cedar Rapids, IA

June 10, ‘23 - Gailapalooza, Gail’s Harley Davidson, Belton, MO ("Stripped")

June 15,'23- Worth Harley Davidson, (w/Motley Crucial), Kansas City MO 

July 14, '23- Burn The Cork, (w/Motley Crucial), Bargersville, IN

July 15, ‘23 - 80’s Rock Night (w/ Motley Crucial and Ozzy trib.), Fort Recovery, IN

Sept 16, "23 - Bubba's Big Party/Tomahawk Fall Ride, (w/Motley Crucial), Tomahawk, WI