Eddie is a world class drummer in every sense of the word. His zeal for pounding the skins is displayed in graphic dimension, through his unique style and attention to detail, coupled with a flair for showmanship, of no equal. There's no one else we know of, who can actually play a full-blast, balls-out, kick ass drum solo, while standing atop his drum throne. Catching a glimpse of his one-of-a-kind drum mastery is highly recommended.
Born June 28, 1970 he's been playing the Kansas City scene for some 10years. Seen in such mainstream bands as Backwash, Local Stranger and Iron Angel,  Sebastian's hard hitting, in-your-face style has gained him popular acclaim in many music circles, not to mention such publications as Pitch Weekly, and St. Louis Globe Democrat. He's been featured as "drummer of the year" in '97,'99,'03 and 2005, as seen in New York's own Nelson Music Review. His technique and style has been the influence of many aspiring drummers throughout the US and his charitable contributions of time and knowledge have been a beacon of hope to many.
It's a real treat to see Eddie play the drums using his unadulterated style and perfection in technique. If you haven't met him or seen him play, you really should. You won't be disappointed.