Bobby Dawg – Bass Guitar, Vocals 

Chemist turned rockin’ bass player, Bobby is a real treat to have for any venue. Years of singing in choirs, bands, and competitive events has allowed him achieve the kind of vocal perfection that even many lead singers are unable to achieve. Growing up in the Midwest, Bobby played in many local acts as a guitarist as well as a bassist, lead singer as well as offering backing vocals. His love of offering thundering low tones as well as providing strong (and ultra-important) foundations to every song has drawn Bobby back to the bass once again in Poison Overdose. Having studied music in college, Bob has also learned to style his playing to the music’s spirit, as well as knowing how to truly “rock the party” on bass. Robbie does his part in Poison Overdose to insure a memorable, wild, rock-filled party of fun, surprises, and all around good music. Bobby prefers Pedulla guitars and Ampeg amps, offering thunder, thump, and hard hitting drive!